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Naux Faux’s ‘Enchanted’ EP gets release date and track list; Bassnectar shares first track [UPDATED]

A frenzy of pure anticipation has swept the Bassnectar community as Lorin Ashton puts the final touches on his upcoming Naux Faux EP. The extended play project, entitled Enchanted, is Ashton’s psychedelic downtempo brainchild with longtime collaborator and former roommate Sayr. Drawing on the melodic electronica free stylings of the 1990s, the project celebrates the magical nostalgia of an era from the past — “like a warm beam of sunlight on a lazy afternoon, close your eyes and feel the sound wash over you,” as Ashton puts it.

Unofficially, Ashton announced via Twitter that the album would be released some time around this Valentine’s Day. Now the album has an official release to the exact date, February 14, 2018, along with full track listing. Clocking in at 7 tracks, the Naux Faux EP is available for pre-order here where fans can catch a short preview into each track.

Track list:

1. Birds Of Paradox [Intro]
2. Flip Gnosis
3. Enchanted
4. Coast To Coasters
5. Cherish Friendship
6. Psyopia
7. Birds Of Paradox [Outro]

UPDATED [Mon, Feb. 12, 2018 02:29PM CST]: Bassnectar has addressed his fanbase online under his usual “LoFi” alias. The artist reveals intimate details about the album’s creative process, along with how the moniker “Naux Faux” came to be. He even shared the EP’s second track, “Flip Gnosis.” To access the teased track, fans must join the online Facebook group.

I wanted to offer y’all a sneak peak at this side project i’ve been developing called ‘naux faux’. One of my best friends Craig [we used to be house mates in Santa Cruz, and have collaborated on a lot of music together in the past, most notably “Enter The Chamber”… he produces under the moniker Sayr] and i have talked about doing this for many years, and in 2014 we started five songs. It’s somehow taken this long to finish them, mainly because we are hyper detail oriented, and the process was extremely fun: but also because it’s basically impossible for me to produce this kind of music when I’m in the wildstyle energy of tour or Summer festivals or what not… i really prefer to be totally secluded from that and to work in a totally different mind set when creating naux faux. The name is basically a play on ’NOthing PHOny” and was gonna be NOFO or NOPHO but then i liked how the word ‘faux’ means fake…so its like a very special nod to an era of electronic music which is extremely authentic, and which both Craig and I have a lifelong love for… if you like ‘Mesmerizing The Ultra’ i suspect you may quite possibly like naux faux Naux Faux’s ‘Enchanted’ EP gets release date and track list; Bassnectar shares first track [UPDATED]1f642🙂

It can be headphone music, or rainy day music, although in the late 90’s the Santa Cruz full moon scene was a really magical vibe, and the highlight for me was always the sunrise set… everything sparkling and fluffy, but of course still a little bit heavy Naux Faux’s ‘Enchanted’ EP gets release date and track list; Bassnectar shares first track [UPDATED]1f642🙂

Anyhow, i can blab more about this later but I wanted to give y’all a sneak peak today.