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Kasbo releases stunning 13-Track debut album ‘Places We Don’t Know’

If ODESZA’s imprint is becoming known for smooth, DIY-style of indie music, Swedish producer and CE favorite Kasbo consistently delivers some of Foreign Family‘s most feel-good yet danceable creations.

Following a string of releases hyping up the album — with “Aldrig Mer” ft. TENDER in January and February’s “Your Tempo” — Kasbo delivers his long-awaited 13-track debut album, Places We Don’t Know, right in time for spring. Six of the LP tracks have already been released in 2017’s “Snow In Gothenburg,” “Bleed It Out” ft. NEA and “Lay It On Me” ft. Keiynan Lonsdale.

From standout tracks like “About You” and the starkly unique “Roots” ft. Amanda Fondell to the slower, more gripping “Bara Du” and deeply moving yet mellow track “The Voice Says,” Kasbo delivers seven new offerings that come together flawlessly to form one cohesive and alluring whole.

Kasbo elaborates on the album’s concept in an open, hard-written letter to his fans:


Just like his letter reveals, the album captures the wonders of our imagination when thinking of places we don’t know. Kasbo is one young artists continually pushing the boundaries of electronic music and Place We Don’t Know is one piece of evidence that proves that fact.