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Dirtybird BBQ announces dates for Austin, Oakland, and Los Angeles

Years ago, the beloved Dirtybird crew assembled around a grill in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park over a mutual love of full gullets and outlier records. The space began a safe place for the original Dirtybird Players to let their inner weirdness shine and has since grown to welcome an extended family of thousands. The family style cookout has become an annual side show affair, traveling to select cities such as Denver, Brooklyn, Portland, Seattle, and Chicago.

This summer, Claude VonStroke plans to wrangle the Dirtybird BBQ crew to roast up three brand new US cities for a summer of house music mischief. In 2018 the BBQ tour will make its debut in Los Angeles, a nesting ground that has grown into a sister city for Dirtybird over the years. The tour will also touchdown in one of the homes of BBQ in Austin, Texas. The final show in Oakland promises to be an ultimate homecoming jaunt back to the Bay Area.

What’s more, the Dirtybird Crew will be undertaking an “egg hunt” in each city. Fans can look for one of three egg stickers throughout the city and post photos with it for a chance to win tickets to the BBQs, campout, merch and more.

Find more information about the BBQs and purchase tickets here.