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Technology meets nature in Zedd’s new music video for National Geographic’s ‘One Strange Rock’

When Anton Zaslavski was tapped to score National Geographic’s new documentary, “One Strange Rock,” the German-Russian producer known as ZEDD was shocked and intrigued. Although the project would take a very different avenue from a traditional ZEDD release, the classically trained musician took on the challenge to get back to his roots.

Now comes the music video inspired by the documentary’s leading track, “One Strange Rock,” in which ZEDD sits over a grand piano in a mysterious cave looking out to it’s walls in awe. Technology and nature collide in this mystical cave, where natural forces like gravity have no pull here. As the sequence leaves the cave and into the human imagination, images of the earth and supernovas abound, for a artistically intelligent depiction of the universe as we know it today through the study of astrophysics. The two universal languages — math and music — are two powerful themes in this visually stunning display.

“One Strange Rock” is a 10-part series hosted by Will Smith and directed by Darren Aronofsky, which chronicles the history of the universe.