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REZZ has completed her next album

REZZ is easily one of the most in-demand artists on the electronic dance music circuit right now. Between playing the world’s top music festivals, including stops at Ultra and Coachella this year, it’s a wonder how the Queen of Neptune finds time to work on new material. While at these events, REZZ took advantage of the global spotlight and debuted a couple of brand new track IDs — a 1788-L collaboration on UMF’s Worldwide stage, followed by another ID with 13 while out at California’s Wobbleland.

Less than one year after Isabelle Rezazadeh released her debut album, Mass Manipulation, the producer casually took to Twitter this week to announce that her next album was complete. The fact that she found the time to crank out an entirely new LP during this short time span speaks to the 22-year-old producer’s passion and work ethic. The album still has to undergo post-production work, and no release date or other information has yet been released.

Photo: RUKES