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Listen to KLL SMTH slay Dirtybird Campout West in this newly-released set

The wild, weird, and wonderful vibe of Claude Von Stroke‘s Dirty Campout West is returning to sunny southern California for it’s fourth edition this October. But perhaps the most wonderful fact that makes Dirtybird Campout so wild is it’s full embrace of  weird space bass sounds — no doubt because of VonStroke’s experimental bass alias under his given name, Barclay Crenshaw.

Denver-based producer KLL SMTH has now released his full Dirtybird Campout West set, recorded in 2017 right from the boutique festival’s Bass Lodge. The full set offers a multitude of tracks from KLL SMTH’s own library of releases, along with music from Noisia and Doctor Jeep, and a few new personal edits of his own.

After performing at Dirtybird Campout, KLL SMTH has gone on to release more wobbly electronic pieces like his hit “NICE ONE.” While KLL SMTH has not been confirmed for the Dirtybird Campout West’s 2018 installment, artists who share similar sound stamps, EPROM, Yheti, and Toadface, will succeed him on the Bass Lodge stage.