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Dua Lipa links up with Diplo and Mark Ronson for long-awaited Silk City collaboration, ‘Electricity’ [WATCH]

Diplo is no stranger to high-powered collaborative projects. In addition to his former Jack Ü project with Skrillex, the producer has also been busy with his LSD supergroup. But that didn’t stop the LA-based producer from linking up with longtime pal Mark Ronson on a highly digestible, disco tinged project Silk City. When the pair announced debuted their joint project at New York’s Governor’s Ball, fans were treated to an infectious blend of nostalgic disco cuts with a new wave club appeal.

Now Silk City has released their most prolific work to date in a high-powered collaboration with Britain’s shiniest new star in Dua Lipa. “Electricity” is a groovy house/pop crossover ballad complete with bouncy synths, pulsating bass lines, catchy piano chords, and sultry vocals from British pop sensation Dua Lipa.

The music video follows the singer in a dark warehouse-styled flat as she dances half-clad around the space. The more she shows off her unique moves, the more people arrive for a sweaty underground dance party that runs until the wee hours of morning. Diplo and Ronson eventually make their way into the video as they board a crate/service elevator that is questionably operable. As the party winds down the next day, the two fashionably late producers are seen having been stuck in the dark elevator shaft all night.

The video is corky and cute, and yet seductive, refined, and swelteringly smooth.