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Tritonal announce third studio album & NA tour dates, release LP’s leading single in ‘U Found Me’

As one of dance music’s most prolific and versatile production duos, Tritonal knows a thing or two about making waves. The Austin-based veterans have now announced plans to release a new studio album that they’re calling U & ME. To celebrate, they’ve released the LP’s leading single, titled “U Found Me,” which the duo says will be followed by a steady stream of new releases after the New Year.

“U Found Me” is a high energy single reminiscent of progressive/electro house anthems that helped catapult Tritonal to the top. The track delivers a bright and uplifting dose of their distinct production: bulging with glitchy melodic flavor and driving undertones whilst subtle guitar leads build into a cascading concoction of flared bass and pulsating synth stabs. Tritonal spoke on the inspiration for their forthcoming LP in a press statement, revealing some poignant views for navigating our divisive day and age.

 “The title for our latest full length album, U & ME — is a very simple pointer towards Unity & Love that we feel is inherent in life itself. Ultimately, we are all connected – in fact everything in the Universe is connected. Music allows us to express that connection through sound. There is so much inherent divisiveness in our culture today and  we wanted to flip the “you vs me” or the “us vs them” dialogue on its head. “My Country”, “My Team”, “My Race”, “My Beliefs”, “My Social Group” — they all are ideologies people identify with to enhance their false sense of self and can be divisive instead of unifying. Through them, people make themselves “right” and others “wrong” and define their identity through their enemies, the “others,” the “nonbelievers,” or “wrong believers”. This identification leads to suffering. Hopefully, our music can act as a light that shines upon one simple truth — Love.”

As a pairing to their third full length studio album, Tritonal will be embarking on their biggest tour to date, with stops at some of the biggest venues in the country, including Los Angeles’ The Palladium, Chicago’s Concord Music Hall, NYC’s Terminal 5 and many more. Tickets go on sale on October 12. See the full list of dates below.

Tritonal_U-and-Me_11x17_Tour-Dates-JPEG FOR WEB.jpg