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Martin Garrix caps off release spree with long-awaited Pierce Fulton & Mike Shinoda collab

Last weekend, Martin Garrix fans were busy pinpointing his next release, which they projected just about every track on his new EP with near perfect accuracy.

Now, to cap off ADE week, the STMPED Records head has released his fifth and final track, which arrives in the form a collaboration with Pierce Fulton and Linkin Park‘s Mike Shinoda that he has been playing out for nearly three years.

The release, titled “Waiting for Tomorrow,” rounds out Garrix’s new EP, which has now been given it’s official title in BYLAW. Pierce Fulton even posted on his Instagram the story about the track’s origin, which apparently arose via a series of Snapchats that Garrix was sending to Pierce Fulton.

The EP is out now on Garrix’s own imprint, STMPD Records.