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Chet Porter departs San Holo’s ‘album1’ tour early, cites mental health issues

Currently on the road for his debut album1 tour, San Holo has less than one month of US stops before heading home to the Netherlands for the holidays. Taking only a week’s break, the 26-year-old bitbird founder then reembarks for another grueling 20-date run through Australia, New Zealand, and all over Europe.

San Holo’s tour also secured some pretty top-notch supporting talent in Said The Sky, Slow Magic, Baynk, and Chet Porter — at least for the US portion. For many fans, in fact, the expertly-curated lineup of opening acts was the cherry on top of the cake for the tour. Unfortunately for US fans in cities on the tour’s last 12 legs, Chet Porter will no longer be one of those sweetly-flavored desserts.

The day after their Minneapolis stop, Chet Porter announced with deep regrets that he would be have to pull out of the remainder of the tour due to the “difficult time [he’s] been having with his mental health.” The Foreign Family-signee, whose become known for his feel good indie pop electronic sound, was definitely a major draw to the supporting portion of the tour itself. At the same time, it takes a lot of mental strength to be honest with yourself and others in the name of self-care.

While fans may have to suffer one less Chet Porter set, we commend him for setting his sights on the long run. Chet joins the growing list of artists to openly speak about the importance of mental health in an industry of stigma, unwavering stress, and unhealthy work ethic. In the wake of Avicii‘s tragic death, statements like these are not just needed right now. They’re crucially vital. We’re wishing Chet Porter health and happiness during his time of rest and inward reflection.

Photo credit: Cole Janeteas