Less than 24 hours after it’s bon voyage from Port of Miami, Destructo‘s newest boat party concept Friendship made an unannounced turnaround due to an on-board medical emergency. While details of the occurrences are still uncertain, unsubstantiated reports claim a broken elbow or a heart attack to be among the causes.

The Celebrity Equinox was headed for its destination on the private island of Coco Cay, but made the turn back because the crew and organizers saw it more logistically sound to return to port rather have the coast guard fly out to the cruise liner. The news initially broke on PTZtv, a webcam coverage website for cruise ports.

No official statement has been issued by AMF or Friendship. However, Port of Miami confirmed via Twitter that the ship has already left the Port back to sea.

Details of this story are still emerging.


Written by Ryan Morse

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