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Ja Rule slams Fyre Festival documentaries: ‘I will tell my truth real soon’

Rapper claims Hulu and Netflix paid people to voice Fyre Festival’s failures.

Rapper Ja Rule is publicly criticizing two new documentaries about Fyre Festival, the failed luxury music event in the Bahamas which he co-founded alongside partner Billy McFarland. McFarland has been convicted of defrauding investors out of $27.4 million and is being jailed for six years in federal prison.

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Both Hulu’s Fyre Fraud and Netflix’s Fyre detail the festival’s failure to offer basic infrastructure as promised to its attendees — not to mention extravagant private island luxuries — leaving thousands of festival goers stranded without shelter, food, and water.

Ja Rule claimed that Hulu paid McFarland and Netflix paid the media organization FuckJerry, which handled marketing for Fyre, for their participation.

Ja Rule seemingly had no idea just how bad the festival had been doing due to MacFarland keeping financials so heavily guarded.

Ja Rule’s tweets grew into an extremely defensive rant which, based off the low number of retweets alone, seem to be falling on deaf ears.

Towards the close of Netflix’s revealing documentary, footage reveals a team-wide call was held between Fyre Media employees where they were attempting to arrive on a plan to tackle the PR crisis. Ja Rule was on the call, asserting that it was just “bad publicity” and that Fyre was still a strong brand.

“Right now, yes, we are the fucking laughing stock of everything,” Ja Rule explained. “We are ‘Scam Fyre.’ But that might not be the case after we fucking put our plan in play and start to spin it. […] We can’t dwell on how we fucked up. We can’t dwell on what made it go wrong. We gotta dwell on how we can make it better in the future.”

When a Fyre Media employee they were committing fraud, Ja Rule responded, “That’s not fraud. That is, uh… I would call that… false advertising.”

Ja Rule seems to hint that he may be devising a comeback story of his own. Stay tuned for more coverage on the decade’s biggest consumer fraud as the events unfold.