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Feed Me’s next album tour will see the return of iconic Teeth stage

With a long-anticipated second album arriving in a month, Brit mastermind Jon Gooch has also promised a Feed Me accompanying tour. Now fans can expect to see a full list of cities, dates, and supporting artists any day now.

Before that happens, it appears that Feed Me will be re-erecting his iconic Teeth live stage design for the High Street Creeps album-accompanying tour. One curious fan has helped to uncover the fact recently over Twitter.

The Teeth stage hasn’t seen the light of day since 2013, a time when Feed Me was touring for his debut Calamari Tuesday LP. Fans who’ve been following Gooch’s electro namesake around for a while are already speculating over the visual evolution of the stage — from upgraded visuals, to size and scale, to even more lights and lasers.

H/T: Global Dance Electronic