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LEViT∆TE releases chilling mid-tempo bass EP, ‘Fatalism’

With the release of the 4-track Fatalism EP, Seattle producer LEViT∆TE has both made a powerful statement and continued the upward trend in his career. Full of expertly-orchestrated futuristic sound design, driving drum patterns, and earth-shattering bass, this project demands the full attention of the listener (and their subwoofer) for its duration.

It’s easy to hear the influence of other contemporary bass producers here; a G Jones comparison easily leaps to mind. The journey begins on a strong note with the cinematic, almost hypnotic “In This City” and climaxes emotionally with “Wasting Your Breath.”

LEViT∆TE’s ability to inject absolute bangers with a sense of nostalgia and purpose is clear. Fraught with feeling and beautifully executed rhythm, this one is sure to be on repeat for some time, and listeners will already be anticipating his next release.