Last June, the music world was taken by storm when Diplo, Sia, and Labrinth announced the formation of their new psychedelic side-project, now formidably known as LSD. Both an acronym and a double-entendre, the group’s name would gain worldwide attention in a mere matter of months. The sound gleaned heavily electronic, with Diplo taking the reigns on the beats, along with Sia’s signature horsepower vocals, and Labrinth’s R&B talents offering up the role of the stagecoach hand as he compliments her verses.

The supergroup would go on from their debut release of “Genius” to share four more singles, including “Audio,” “Thunderclouds,” the Maddie Zeigler-assisted single that would become the radio hit of last summer, and “Mountains,” all last year. Months would pass before fans heard anything more from the trio, making the world question whether LSD was a casual passing phase for the three or a serious undertaking. Then, last month, the pair would surprise release a brand new single, “No New Friends,” paired with the announcement of their debut album.

Now the fruits of their labor have come to fruition in the 10-track full-length studio effort, Labrinth, Sia, Diplo Present… LSD. The self-titled project is highly cohesive and experimental, wildly fun, and powerfully palatable, marking an entirely new direction in each of the artists’ respective sonic handbags.

On the glitched out, rock-heavy opening track, “Welcome To Our Wonderful World Of,” fans are immediately invited into the trio’s funky, quirky, and decidedly-psychedelic sound dimension. The song’s most memorable aspect falls right up front on the harmonized barbershop quartet lead-in. Their five previously released singles sit in the core of the album, from track three through track seven, sandwiched by four new tracks to fully immerse listeners in their psychedelic beats and verse work. The album closes with Lil Wayne’s previously released remix of “Genius.”

From “Angel In Your Eyes” and “Heaven Can Wait,” to the bellowing ballad, “It’s Time,” Sia’s vocals take the driver’s seat on every new track, with Labrinth providing the perfect backdrop of soulful harmony. Pair that with Diplo’s masterful mixing and what you’ve got is a one-way ticket to a frilly, la-la-land pulling on nearly every genre known to music.


Written by Ryan Morse

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