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Pluko releases bright 8-track mixtape, ‘CLASS XIX’

Sam Martinsen is extremely accomplished for being only 18 years of age. The talented up-and-coming producer hailing from Pennsylvania goes by the name of pluko and he’s developed a name for himself through some seriously outstanding remixes and flips. Last year, pluko released his debut album, sixteen, amid his other long-standing project, dubbed outer thoughts, which currently has 7 volumes. Each volume is exactly 11 minutes and 11 seconds long.

pluko has only recently graduated high school. While in high school, pluko turned his bedroom into a makeshift studio. In honor of turning 19 and graduating high school, pluko has just released a new eight-track mixtape, titled “CLASS XIX.” The project, along with most of his work, was created entirely by pluko, who wrote, produced, and mastered it entirely on his own.

The album kicks off with a very soothing, melodic chorus beautifully woven over the strums of a ukulele. Each song carries its own kind of vibe with it, but one thing they all have in common is their ability to make listeners want to jump up and dance around. A beautiful combination of melodic, electronic, and acoustic, “CLASS XIX” is a warm and bright indie-influenced project to get fans grooving all summer long.