There was a time when producers existed in the shadows and singers were consistently centerstage. Now, as DJs and producers have come to enjoy as much fame as lead singers, the same has become true for visual artists whose art lights up the LED mainstage.

However, that too is changing thanks to a number of electronic musicians like Dave Tipper and high-profile virtual artists like Android Jones. The time of visuals artists seeing their names in headlines and on festival billing has come.

Recently, Jade Cicada has become the next music producer to platform the work of a visual artist. The Denver-based left-field producer has teased some bold visuals from frequent Tipper collaborator, Steven Haman. The psychedelic animations will be used at Bonnaroo, taking place this weekend in Tennessee, and fans are sure to take on a journey into fractal mayhem paradise. Jade Cicada just shared a 30-second teaser of Haman’s visuals, which features the art of J.R. Slattum.

Be sure to catch Jade Cicada’s Bonnaroo set this weekend, Friday, June 14 at 8:45pm CT.

Jade Cicada is no stranger to featuring Haman’s work in his sets. Check out these visuals previously used at Astral Lights.


Written by Ryan Morse

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