With all the hype surrounding the hit sci-fi series, Stranger Things, What So Not is not the only producer to hop on bandwagon of remixing the show’s theme song. The Aussie beatmaker has been working on his remix for over three years now, finally releasing it just days before the third season was released this holiday weekend on Netflix.

The track has been used little by little, thrown into What So Not’s sets throughout the years, and with immense fanfare. What makes Stranger Things‘ theme song so fitting for electronic music is its heavy reliance on synth strings and retro-fitted analog. It’s also what makes it best suited for What So Not signature production style, making his remix a standout from the rest. Polished with advanced, cutting-edge glitchy beats, this five-minute track is sure to pull listeners into a trance.


Written by Chandler Hyatt

Specializing in digital media, graphic design, and journalism.