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A REZZ and Malaa collaboration is imminent

This year the electronic scene has been filled with wholehearted music coming to life through blood, sweat, and tears from the best producers in the game. Every producer has kicked things up a notch with higher-quality music, bigger tours, curated events, and unexpectedly brilliant collaborations.

REZZ and Malaa both took to Twitter to not-so-secretly hint at a new collaborative tune they are sending back and forth. On the surface, the match-up is completely out of the ordinary because of their starkly different styles. However, that’s exactly why the two go together like a sonically pleasing peanut butter and jelly infusion. REZZ brings her unmatched deep space synths and hypnotic halftime tempos to the table while Malaa adds a dark house beat that matches his hidden identity. Fans are unsure what the end result will sound like, but with these two uniquely different artists, the end result will no doubt be gratifying.