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Listen to Crystal Skies’ stunning ‘Constellations’ EP on Seven Lions’ Ophelia Records

After releasing for several years on the Seven Lions-led Ophelia Records, Crystal Skies have shown they are right at home on the label with one of their most impressive body of work to date. The melodic bass duo, made up of Britain Holcomb and Aaron Dawson, have just dropped a bomb of feel-good melodic cuts in the form of their newest 5-track EP, Constellations.

As a followup to 2017’s Dichotomy, Crystal Skies’ newest EP represents a sonic excavation of textures, tones, and moods that align as perfectly as the stars to Ophelia‘s overall sound aesthetic. All of this comes as no surprise, either, especially when considering how closely the duo has worked with Seven Lions since the label’s inception in 2018.

With lyrical inclusions from long-time Crystal Skies collaborators Satellite Empire and Gallie Fisher, along with Ophelia fan-favorite RUNN, the Constellations EP is packed with starry-eyed collaborations that uplift, elevate, and move listeners into their heart center. From the emotional chord progressions and exploding bass drops of “One More Night” to the soft string melodies and trance-inspired vocals of “Release Me,” Crystal Skies truly knows how to tug at the heartstrings and let go just when the time is right.

Crystal Skies have a few shows lined up to close out the year. The pair will be opening in support of Seven Lions along one show stop as well as in two Ophelia Records showcases alongside Jason Ross, MitiS, DIMIBO, and more. For dates, tickets, and more, head to the duo’s Facebook Events page by clicking here.