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Beyond Wonderland

Beyond Wonderland may replace Paradiso at The Gorge, alludes State of Insomniac report

Recently, news broke that Insomniac filed a judicial complaint against Paradiso‘s parent company, USC Events, alleging that they fraudulently misused $2 million in funds allocated to pay artists and vendors. While Paradiso is headed to the proverbial “festival graveyard” as a result, Insomniac CEO Pasqualle Rotella stated they wished to replace the Gorge Amphitheater event this summer. Now Rotella has released information suggesting that Beyond Wonderland may be that event.

In his annual State of Insomniac update, Pasquale Rotella unveiled a flurry of news around all of Insomniac’s events. However, the most striking news came from one of the report’s headline reading, “Beyond will return to the Pacific Northwest.” For those who’ve been attending Insomniac’s events for the past ten years, they may remember Beyond Wonderland’s short-lived run in Seattle, Washington. Now, the springtime festival will be returning to the region for the first time in almost a decade.

There is the issue of Beyond Wonderland taking place annually in March and Paradiso’s dates falling in mid-June every year. But sources close to CE have suggested that Beyond may be moved to the weekend of June 11-12. According to Rotella, more details are coming shortly, although fans are already conjecturing that the event will be Paradiso’s replacement at The Gorge.

Beyond Wonderland is currently set to return to NOS Events Center, March 20 and 21. Read more details below on the fifth page of Pasquale Rotella’s State of Insomniac report.


Here are a few other State of Insomniac highlights:

  • EDC Las Vegas lineup/theme will be revealed Thursday, February 20, at 6pm PT via another Music Through Music episode of Night Owl Radio.
  • Nocturnal Wonderland may be taking a furlough year. The venue isn’t up to par and Rotella plans to poll headliners to determine if they want to move the event back to the Glen Helen Amphitheater in San Bernardino. Poll coming soon.
  • Insomniac Passport will be expanding its program for 2020.
  • EDC Orlando will continue with three days, allowing for 75,000 headliners per day.
  • NOS Events Center is expanding its footprint, allowing Beyond SoCal to move into the racetrack for the first time in a decade.
  • Mental health services will be a huge priority for at Insomniac’s events as well as year-round.
  • Sustainability: In addition to cutting back on plastic water bottle use, Insomniac is exploring solar options as well.