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SubDocta releases head-thrashing three-track EP, ‘OH H*CK’

SubDocta, best known for his unique “west coast wobble” style, burst onto the scene after releasing his 2017 instant-hit single, “2009 Was Tight.” The release garnered him lightning-speed attention with over a quarter of a million streams. After continued success supporting Dirt Monkey, Ganja White Night, and currently Blunts & Blondes, the Reno-based producer, known to close friends as Preston Charles, has maintained his heavy reputation and expanded on his catalog. SubDocta’s latest project, OH H*CK, is a three-song EP released under Boogie T‘s Drama Club Recordings.

The three-tracker showcases both Charles’ progression and growth as a producer as well as his uncanny talent for crafting unusual and original bass music. The first track, “Ensorcell,” instantly transports listeners into a fantasy land with ominous bell tones and adventurous instrument use into a withering drop. His ability to switch between these styles, without ever losing a second of pacing, is impressive. Plus, the track packs some fantastic “rager” moments before fading out to the sounds of a medieval crowd going about their day.

Next up, “The Joose” jumps in with far less introduction than the previous track. This song wastes no time building into a riddim-infused wrecker dead set on tearing apart the dance floor. It’s more traditional dubstep than the rest of the EP, but SubDocta still mixes it up with fun vocal samples and various styles of wubs. The track leans perfectly into the EP’s final offering, “David Stroganoff,” which will make listeners go “OH HECK!” This cut is another example of SubDocta’s creativity with mixing, possessing video-game styled progressions, neck-breaking drops, vibrating bass, robotic synthesizers.

To listeners seeking experimentation while they throw down, look no further. As SubDocta continues to rise through the ranks of festival lineups, he’s sure to bring more of these creatively styled thrashers with him. For now, catch him finishing out the Hot Box tour in support of Blunts & Blondes. Find remaining dates and ticket details here.