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Brainface releases 'The Unknown' EP

Heavy bass newcomer Brainface explores places of ‘The Unknown’ on new 5-track project [EP Review]

Originally hailing from Louisiana, and currently residing in Texas, Brainface is the namesake of Daniel Cumpton. The Dallas-based producer has been making bass music for a little over a year, drawing on influences from artists such as Caspa, Skream, TRUTH, and Liquid Stranger. In addition to regular features in the Dallas scene, Brainface has begun to spring into local/regional festivals like Quasar and Nightfall. He was even featured on Metaphysic‘s podcast, Bass Coast Radio, back in 2018, which put him on the CE radar.

Now Brainface has released his very first cohesive piece of work with the 5-track EP, The Unknown. But it wasn’t an easy artistic process, says Cumpton. “The EP took a while to make just because I used real life emotion and situation for the creative process and inspiration,” Cumpton told CE of the EP.

“Its important to me because I feel like if you can’t take something ugly and make it beautiful through your art then maybe you should try harder,” he continues. “I had to test that theory on myself because, at the time i wrote the EP, I was going through a bad situation and at times i wanted to quit… but I’m so happy i never gave up!”

The independently-released project goes deep fast and hard with “Comin Up Hot,” an appropriately-titled track filled with furious synths, a nice ragga/jungle repetitive vocal sample, and some heavy breakdowns that feel right out of a Bassnectar set. From there, listeners are jolted to “In The Dark,” an effervescent track with a bubbly lead-in and dark, ominous synths that feel like one is entering the eeriest part of a Sci-Fi movie. Before long, we’re dropped off into a wubby bass line with screeching synths.

With more tracks to come, including the spacey smasher, “Low End Theory,” the low tempo “Smasha,” and the reggae-influenced bass banger, “Third Eye,” each track displays full dynamic range and stealth focus. This is a producer whose mapped out his journey and effortlessly takes his listeners on a rollercoaster ride through backwards and sideways and downward turns.

To cap off the EP, Brainface eases his audience into a fluid bass track that borders on meditative at the outset. Titled “Abduction,” the track is chocked full of warbles, psychedelic vocals, and wobbly low end that you just find yourself gliding along. All in all, the EP can only be described as beautifully destructive. Well mastered and masterfully planned out, this is the kind of project one might expect to see coming from the weird and wonderful world of Wakaan.

Stream Brainface’s The Unknown now.