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MUST LISTEN: GRiZ and Wreckno’s ‘Medusa’ is the official bop of Pride Month

In celebration of Pride month, “Medusa” is a message to queer kids encouraging them to embrace exactly who they are.

Multi-instrumentalist and producer GRiZ is known for the compassion and connection that he shares with his fans, as much as he is for his music. Wreckno, like GRiZ, is a Michigan native who fell in love with the electronic scene at age 15 and less than ten years later, is an unstoppable force in the bass space. The two have been icons for proud gay visibility in the scene and, today, that sense of community grows stronger as the pair release their latest single, “Medusa.”

What GRiZ coins his “queer anthem banger” is a fiercely bass-fueled, hip-hop-laden slice of empowerment, created to uplift the underrepresented LGBTQIA+ voices in dance music. The intention behind this track was to “give kids struggling with their sexuality songs to feel like being queer is cool,” GRiZ shared. Kids like Brandon Wilsinski (aka Wreckno), who calls the track his “gayest most incredible queer dream team collaboration come true.”

“I grew up in the woods of northern Michigan, four hours north of Detroit,” Wreckno elaborates. “We would drive eight hours in a night, round trip sometimes, just to go and catch a GRiZ show. I’ve always admired his artistry and have been a stan for a long time, so when he reached out to work on this song it truly was my dreams coming true. His shows were like a funky rainbow escape from the grey cloud that I usually felt over my world.”

Armed with a meaningful and empowering message, and layered over GRiZ’s soulful funk and Wreckno’s sassy hip-hop, “Medusa” rinses out as a highly vibrational track that’s sure to get bodies moving. It’s hot hitting with heavy bass and lyrics that’ll have you screaming wherever you are. These two radiate the upmost love and acceptance.

The cover art for “Medusa” was actually hand drawn by Gabriella Grime, who was commissioned by GRiZ. Grime is a black, non-binary illustrator who likes to bring awareness and illustrate minorities through their work. This is GRiZ and Wreckno’s daily reminder that black lives, black trans lives, and LGBTQIA+ lives matter.

GRiZ · Medusa (feat. Wreckno)

Featured photo drawn by Gabriella Grime