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ford. delivers upcoming sophmore album’s title track, ‘The Color of Nothing’

The ever growing indie-electronic producer ford. has officially announced the upcoming release of his sophomore album with the project’s title track, “The Color of Nothing.” Ever since the release of the debut album (The) Evening back in 2018, ford. has steadily built a professional reputation among the music industry with a solid stream of singles, collaborations, and remixes. Now, the rising producer reaches another major milestone in the development of his music career with an entire LP on the way. 

Recently, ford. discussed how the title track came to be: 

“I started writing this song right around the beginning of winter 2018. It was a couple months into my first (and subsequently last) semester at university and my first time experiencing a full winter in Utah.  I spent the majority of my time hibernating in my room, working on music consistently… At the time, so many things were changing in my life, music was the one thing I had to ground me; it was a chance for me to be honest with my thoughts and emotions. 

‘The Color of Nothing’ as a song represents this pivotal point, this blank canvas that comes with the turning of a new leaf where all preconceived ideas are left behind and one can create without boundaries or expectations. In a strange way, it’s a song that has been somewhat of an anchor for me through a lot over the past two years.”

To top all of this off, ford. even released a mind-bending music video for the title track alongside the announcement. The Color of Nothing will officially release on October 16, 2020. 

ford. – The Color of Nothing (Official Music Video)

The Color of Nothing Tracklist:

  1.   The Color Of Nothing 
  2.   Hold On (feat. Ayelle) 
  3.   Fruit&Sun 
  4.   Headspace 
  5.   Pay No Mind (feat. Lani Rose) 
  6.   Canvas 
  7.   Grounding (Interlude)
  8.   Living, Breathing 
  9.   In My Eyes (feat. Verzache) 
  10.   Talk 
  11.   4:38am (feat. Barrie) 

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