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David Guetta and Sia reunite in retro on 80s-synth wave tune, ‘Let’s Love’

Eighties synth-pop has been making a come back for the better part of half a decade, at least as far as electronic dance music goes. Now, as it would appear, the more commercial leaning, pop-centric dance music is finally taking the turn back into retro-tinged beats, synth-wave, and 80s nostalgia. It’s an era of music that is embraced by many for a comeback period. David Guetta and Sia are the latest artists to hop on the eighties musical train with their fifth collaboration, “Let’s Love,” which also marks their first collaboration in two years.

Since their first collaborative smash hit, 2011’s “Titanium,” Guetta and Sia have worked together on “Flames,” “Bang My Head,” and “She Wolf (Falling to Pieces).” On “Let’s Love,” the two global powerhouses took to TikTok early on to release a 15-second edit of the track, which immediately went viral on the new platform. Since the track went live on September 7 via the #LetsLove hashtag challenge, the high-profile collaboration has already accumulated over 8,000 videos.

Now that the track has undergone wide release, the fully fleshed out track showcases a nostalgic sound reminiscent of arcades, new wave, and poppy vocals. However, Sia has a way of bringing forth a classic synth-pop sound without all the flash. On the contrary, her vocals find their quality in their subdued energy and underlying emotion. Like any bonafide pop track, “Let’s Love” is clean and catchy, and equipped with a strong melody and a catchy hook.

David Guetta and Sia – Let’s Love

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