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Drumcode welcomes a thought-provoking EP by Luigi Madonna & Roberto Capuano, ‘Mad World’

Luigi Madonna and Roberto Capuano are two titan forces within techno, especially when collaborating together. Having an initial taste of their syndicate synergy on 2017’s track “Limitless,” which was included on Drumcode’s A-Sides Vol 6 compilation, the artists make a comeback with another conceptual EP, titled Mad World.

Mad World opens with a track that gives the name of the EP and establishes the theme for this release. Characterized by a groovy bassline paired with a rhythmic synth lead, and sprinkled with revolving industrial elements, the track is an immediate heavy-hitter. The EP moves in through the next track “System Alert,” inspired by the destructive effects of climate change. The song mirrors this complex issue through a masterful synth sound design which reminds listeners of chaos and an alarming, impending doom. The final track, “Headquarter,” carries a certain cinematic feel by the use of distorted vocals and tempestuous oscillating synths.

Overall, this EP is taking the two techno titan’s crowds by storm, reminding fans that change can happen at any moment; although it’s on each individual to wake up to the kind of world we are currently living in.

Luigi Madonna and Roberto Capuano – Mad World

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