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Watch Pretty Lights make his live stream stage return at ReVibe Retreat

For Pretty Lights fans, Derek Vincent Smith’s two-year-long absence from the spotlight has been excruciating. Other than a series of viral messages from his girlfriend back in 2019 to Smith’s Black Lives Matter statement, the seminal artist has largely silent. Tucked away in his New Orleans studio, Pretty Lights actually broke his silence once again this weekend during Break Science‘s set at ReVibe Retreat.

Near the end of the hour-long set, a fully bearded Derek Vincent Smith showed up on the LED screen behind Break Science’s Adam Deitch and Borahm Lee (also of the Pretty Lights Live Band). Streaming live from his home studio, Smith proceeded with a virtual jam alongside the duo, playing “Shining Bright Despite The Plight” and “High School Art Class.” 

Watch a short snippet below or tune into Break Science’s live set to watch the full action.