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MiM0SA releases Psychedelic Stereo Vol. 2

MiM0SA celebrates ten years of original with 11-track LP, ‘Psychedelic Stereo Vol. II’

In 2019, MiM0SA lost his two best friends within six months of each other. Taking their deaths especially hard, he spent the majority of the year getting sober and reflecting on the last ten years of his life. This eventually led to the inspiration behind creating Psychedelic Stereo Vol. II, exactly ten years after the release of the original. With its obvious influences from his life’s journey, the album ushers in a new era of the MiM0SA legacy. Recorded in Los Angeles and the Bay Area, Psychedelic Stereo Vol. II is a celebration of life, travels, friendship, struggle, nostalgia, self-discovery, failure, perseverance, redemption, and love.

Volume II pays tribute to the wisdom gained since the release of the original Psychedelic Stereo, revisiting the nostalgic vibes of the earlier era of MiM0SA while incorporating a myriad of musical flavors and influences as well as collaborators along the way. An amalgamation of genres including hip hop, halftime, drum and bass, dubstep, ambient wave, two-step, trap and Middle Eastern sounds, MiM0SA showcases his dynamic and emotive production work across eleven compelling tracks. Creating a rich interplay between growling saw tooth basslines with rising vocals and synths, he deftly juxtaposes lows and highs along with shades of dark to light.

The album kicks off with a remix of the original “Psychedelic Stereo” leading to a mid-tempo stomper with mechanical murmurs and a lurching roll. “Waiting for You” is one of the two tracks on the release that features vocalist Heather Reffell who adds an enchantingly ethereal vibe to MiM0SA’s dark bass beats. “Freak” grinds itself into a bleary-eyed beast and begs for a bigger speaker, while “Tokyo,” featuring Chase Manhattan, bypasses the brain entirely for a full-body sensory experience. Floating on a paradise vibe, “Costa Brava” serves as a dreamy mirage that swirls you into its updraft. From the face-melting “Holy Fire” to the unexpected melodic patterns of “You Don’t Know” and the invigorating remix of “Pandora,” MiM0SA blends intricate and ingenious musical creativity with a deep sense of emotional fervor.

Psychedelic Stereo Volume II is officially out now on indie electronic emblem Alpha Pup Records

MiM0SA – Psychedelic Stereo Volume II LP

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