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Double JJ Ranch approves dates for Electric Forest 2021

Electric Forest, the annual kick-off the Northern summer needs, may see a return in 2021 as encouraging news emerged from the village of Rothbury recently. Village officials sanctioned dates during two consecutive weekends in both June and August for the operation of the festival! 

The event’s promoter, Madison House, has been requesting this, apparently, and has now been approved for the dates for the event to be held at the Double JJ Resort. The dates in June are the days that the festival might presumably shoot for, with the August date as back-ups should the current crisis make the event impossible earlier in the summer. No further contingency plan was discussed should those dates not be possible.

Electric Forest 2020 was canceled of course, but ticket holders had the option of transferring sale to 2021 in lieu of receiving a full refund. Many chose this option in the hopes that just such an opportunity might surface this year, and it looks like their patience could be rewarded. Many chose to sit-out last year’s thirteenth rendition of the festival, despite the lure of the smaller “unaffiliated” festival that did occur in 2020 on the same weekend at the Double JJ Resort. The Sherwood Forest Appreciation Weekend was cited for two Covid violations by the state.

The general manager of Double JJ Resort, Rita Kovylski, was not sure, when asked, what kinds of extra precautions would be put in place during the festival but did say that the resort is complying with all Covid safety standards as they remain open for business. The promoter, Madison House, would be responsible for meeting CDC guidelines should the event take place at some point this summer.

The promoter has not officially updated anything yet and has yet to comment on these developments. The most up-to-date information would be found on the official web-page for the event.

Via: Shoreline Media

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