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Zingara embarks on an astral journey with new release ‘Spaced Out’ [EXCLUSIVE]

The wildly talented rising star Zingara has become a force of nature in the bass music scene with her self-pioneered subgenre “astral trap,” infusing mindfulness with bass music for a brand new musical style she can call her own. Hailing from Baltimore, this spiritual guru and medium-turned-producer broke into the scene with bass-heavy trap-infused tracks like “Medusa” and “Mind Control,” and has only ramped up the momentum in 2021 with “Chemical Dreams” and “The 12th Density”. Now, Conscious Electronic is thrilled to partner with Zingara for a brand new exclusive, “Spaced Out”.

‘Spaced Out’ is the ultimate embodiment of the young visionary’s spiritual background and affinity for sound design, resulting in just under four minutes of pure enlightenment. Fusing heavy-hitting bass with atmospheric textures and ear candy samples, the inspiring track promises to whisk its listeners away on a journey through the depths of the auditory spectrum.

A shining light among the next generation of bass music producers, Zingara has proven herself an influential and compelling newcomer in the underground bass scene. It is clear that this is the beginning of a long and impactful career for the young artist, and by using her positive outlook and multitude of talents, there are no limits to where her career will take her.  

Zingara – Spaced Out [Conscious Electronic Exclusive]

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