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Ookay unleashes second sophomore LP single with pop-centric ‘Weekends’

Photo courtesy of Ookay management.

Following the release of his single “Deep With Me” last month, Ookay (real name: Abraham Laguna) now returns with “Weekends” the second installment to his highly anticipated sophomore album dropping in the fall. The multi-talented singer, songwriter, and producer continues to showcase his deep pool of stylistic influences in the pop-tinged “Weekends,” a worthy addition to his eclectic, rapidly growing discography.

The catchy, pseudo love song puts Ookay’s rapidly evolving skill set on full display, continuing to prove that his capacity for creative growth is constant and unlimited.

People have really different lives, as they should. This song is about a girl who has a different life than I do, and we try to make it work…even if I’m busy sleeping. Have you been through a similar situation?”

– Ookay

Ookay is most well known for his breakthrough track “Thief” which amassed over eighty million streams on Spotify alone, and was followed by remixes from Flux Pavilion, Tommy Trash, Slushii, and Zerb. This track would come to define the future of Ookay, who made the first transition to Ookay Live in 2017, filled with energetic pop tracks inspired by the foundation of electronic music where he first launched. He is now a multi-faceted talent with the ability to play drums, trombone, piano, bass, guitar, harmonica, SPD as well as singing and producing all of his own tracks. 

Ookay – Weekends

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