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Austin-based sad boys LODIS return with vulnerable melodic gem, ‘Lost the Plot’ ft. Glasscat

Until releasing their single “Broken” at the top of the year, we had never before heard of Austin-based buddies consisting of Cody Savonen and Jack McCafferty, LODIS. As the sad boy duo has grown over the past five or six months, however, they’ve been proving themselves masters of the emotive melodic sound that calls on IlleniumSLANDERWilliam Black, and the like. Rude Service Records is next to notice as well. The label just released LODIS’ first single off of their forthcoming EP, Into The Light.

Titled “Lost the Plot,” the Glasscat-assisted number is exactly what the dance music community needs right now as we emerge from the wreckage of the pandemic. The track is by all accounts an exploration of LODIS’ own story through the trauma that was only exacerbated by the chaos of 2020. 

Much like the duo’s namesake, the Lotus Flower, they continued to find new strength during these most challenging times by maneuvering through that darkness by devoting their energy to finding truth through producing music. LODIS have lived transient lives, moving between homes in Michigan, Massachusetts, and Texas, always straddling the borders of belonging. 

“Glasscat suffuses her lyrics with an emotion that reveals how we can own our vulnerabilities to emerge from the dark stronger than before and ready to write the next chapter of our lives.”


“Lost the Plot” starts with a gorgeous melodic instrumental section that functions as a perfect compliment to Glasscat’s angelic vocal performance. As LODIS and Glasscat construct a wall of sound together, the tune erupts into a triumphant crescendo. This is a moment of pure communal “hands in the air” dance floor bliss. Fans may not remember the entire show or festival, but they will remember what they were doing when they hear “Lost the Plot.”

Stream “Lost The Plot” below, out now on Rude Service Records, and stay tuned for LODIS’ incoming EP, Into The Light.

LODIS – Lost The Plot ft. Glasscat

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