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sumthin sumthin - Light Garden EP

sumthin sumthin delivers masterfully on translucent four-track EP, ‘Light Garden’

Finding duality in music strikes a chord with listeners everywhere via a spectrum of emotions and energy that hits straight to the core. Enigmatic West Coast producer sumthin sumthin (real name Conrad Woodul) has earned acclaim for just that. Beloved by both the underground and the mainstream, he’s been connecting with listeners and earning respect from his peers across many verticals. For his latest showcase, the producer has found himself on the Deadbeats imprint for the 4-track Light Garden EP; which features a coveted collaboration with CloZee on the third track, “Salt.”

Speaking deeply about his newest EP, sumthin sumthin said the following:

“As I closed my eyes when listening to this EP, the only thing I could consistently keep seeing in my mind was, well, a garden of light. It feels as though each track represents a different illumination of my current state of creativity & artistry. This body of work is a glimpse of what is to come in the next stages of my project, further expanding my thesis of dark vs. light.”

– Conrad Woodul, aka sumthin sumthin

Coming from the small surf town of San Clemente, California, Conrad Woodul, better known as sumthin sumthin has become one of the most highly admired rising artists in electronic music. His passion for music was born at age four when he was seen creating drum sets in his kitchen with pots and pans and kitchen utensils. A few years later he picked up the electric guitar and the piano, teaching himself how to write and compose music before taking lessons. After playing in bands for some time he decided he wanted to have full control over the music he was creating and found his way into producing electronic music.

Brimming with originality and constantly pushing boundaries within electronic music, sumthin sumthin has been able to develop a sound that is truly his own. His ability to bridge together lightness and darkness is evident throughout his discography and cements sumthin sumthin as a true one-of-a-kind artist. Expect to see more boundary-pushing releases throughout 2022 and beyond, as the best is yet to come. 

Stream Light Garden below.

sumthin sumthinLight Garden EP

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