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Luminyst - Far Away [Premiere]

MUST LISTEN: Luminyst seeks the ethereal realm through beautifully healing bass ballad, ‘Far Away’

Photo courtesy of Luminyst.

It’s hard to put into words the feeling of how an ethereal piece of music makes you feel…and heal. That is exactly what “Far Away” does for its listener, which is the newest track to come from Luminyst. The rising bass music artist has been releasing one new track from his upcoming full-length album every two weeks, and today marks the LP’s sixth release.

“This is a song about missing someone you love,” says the artist on the inspiration for the track, “a reminder that no matter the circumstances, time passed or distance apart- when you love someone they are never truly gone… just far away.

Characterized by beautifully arranged chords and healing melodies, uplifting harps, and a somber yet important tone, “Far Away” is arguably Lumynist’s best piece of work yet. The track begins with a gorgeous piano ballad lead-in before an expansive arpeggiated chord comes in to take “Far Away” into its nascent ascent. By the first drop, Luminyst has taken you through the first ethereal doorway, with each and every melancholic progression seeking to lift his listeners’ spirits higher and higher.

The five-minute journey actually came from a turning-point moment in the artist’s life. Perhaps Luminyst puts it best,

“I wrote this from a very emotional place and thus hope it can bring some form of comfort or healing to anyone who is missing someone important to them. You are never alone.”

– Luminyst

We’ve long been a fan of this artist since his early days as Slave. As he evolves along his musical trajectory with his new Luminyst alias, “Far Away” proves his commitment. He also makes it a point to thank his good friend Kris Blazer for mastering the track. Stream “Far Away” now.

Luminyst – Far Away

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