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Rising Ukrainian producer JKLN makes her hypnotic LP debut with 'Chapter I' 

Rising Ukrainian producer JKLN makes her hypnotic LP debut with ‘Chapter I’ 

For any rising artist or new creator, half the battle of getting their start is simply getting past the negative self-talk of their inner voice. Ukraine-born JKLN  is living her music dream in Berlin, home to one of the world’s most exciting music scenes. As a young self-starter, when JKLN met Diplo a trip to Amsterdam’s ADE, she had a revelation: “I realized all this time I was overthinking my music way too much and trying to fit into a certain standard.” Now she’s set to debut her very first studio album, Chapter I, which was inspired by this very meeting.

This time around, she’s offering a sound that is her at the core. Brimming with piledriver kicks, techno synthesizers, and atmospheric vocals, Chapter I represents a powerful new dawn for JKLN.

The album starts off its journey with the single “Never Alone,” wherein JKLN marks her newfound confidence with the words “I’ve been chasing the light for way too long, way too long, Fighting with my demons since you’ve been gone, since you’ve been gone, I’m never alone.” Soon enough, listeners are plunged into a series of powerhouse drops that hit like waves, returning with force each time. The track even comes with dynamic music video accompaniment, which readers can note by its high-level production below.

JKLN has a real knack for interweaving basslines, vocal melodies, and one-of-a-kind musical fx to an entrancing level. Look no further than the contrast of sharp-edged synths and swirling sequencers in “WELCOME TO UKRAINE” to see this. Or the dark, futuristic bass-driven homage, “BERLIN,” and not to mention, the breakbeat TikTok track, “POW POW.”

The rest of the album twists and turns, and one thing sticks out – the distinctive progressions throughout each track. Chapter I points towards the future of electronic music, with a fusion of sassy pop vocals and winding dark instrumentals. Chapter I is enigmatic, haunting, hypnotizing, and an impressive debut album from JKLN.

Ukraine-born JKLN is an upcoming producer, singer, and songwriter with a DIY approach and worldwide appeal. Her deep electronic dance production combined with dreamy pop-inspired vocals have captured the attention of many. Since her 2021 debut, she’s already built up significant momentum, which is great news for her and her independent label Magmatic Records. Chapter I marks a leveled-up JKLN, built for bundles of recognition.

Stream the full LP via Spotify below!

JKLN – Chapter I

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