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Media Coverage

Need help promoting your event to a global readership of over 40 countries? 

Or a promotional campaign targeted to a specific region?

We offer in-depth event coverage that goes above and beyond traditional reporting. In other words, we don’t just “show up” for the festival. Whether it’s creating unique pre-coverage content like lists and interviews (like these for Gem & JamEnvision, and Electric Forest), shooting and filming your event, writing glowing festival reviews, running contests & giveaways, op-ed think pieces (like this one from Shambhala), or on-site artist interviews that ask the tough questions, we know how to virally spread the “good word” and show you a return.

Media Partnerships

If what you’re interested in is arranging a media partnership, just ask the folks from Quasar how creative our promotional tactics go. From unique, original pre-coverage like playlists and a ‘Road To Quasar‘ mix series to hosting daily Artist Meet & Greets on the grounds, partnering on spiritual talks and workshops, and engaging community building at the official CE booth, (where we even gave attendees free buffer massages to spread the love), and leaving so inspired by the festival to write a Top Breakout Festivals of 2019 piece, we are always focused on spreading our conscious mission across the grounds.


Media Services

Are you an artist looking for music media consultation? Or help drafting your Electronic Press Kit? Want a substantive press release for your next release? Or looking to utilize our nationwide network of EDM bloggers for your next big album?

We offer full-scale media services to help you get the word out to the people who matter. Let us tap into our deep network of blog owners, editors, PR agents, label owners, industry tastemakers, and opinion leaders to get your music heard. We will get you comfortable with the process. Or if you’d rather focus on your art, we’ll take over the rest!

Pay scales vary based on project.

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