A conscious way to consume EDM.

Conscious Electronic is a start-up media company dedicated to delivering dance music content in a more ascendant direction. Founded in 2018, our line of journalism rests on the idea that framing news in a conscious-raising light can re-shape the way our readership sees the world. When we change the way we consume music, we begin to talk about music’s place in the world differently, and when we talk more consciously, we begin to see our place on the planet with more self-awareness.

Equipped with a dedicated editorial team of writers, photographers, videographers, music curators, and web developers from all over the United States, CE is not just seeking to be an alternative independent news source. We’re seeking to build a global brand centered on gratitude, love, peace, acceptance, coexistence, and collaboration — all the things music stands for.


Editor In Chief  | Ryan Morse

Managing Editors  | Bridgette Mitchell

Editor at Large  |  Colin Rogers

Staff Writers  | Chandler Hyatt, Emily Mullins, Morgan Carrere

Contributors  | Amra Redzic, Sergio Zuniga, LeeAnne Blankenship

Photographers Bridgette Mitchell, Sergio Zuniga


Managing Editor, Instagram  |  Bridgette Mitchell

Manager, Twitter  |  Chandler Hyatt

Manager, Facebook  |  Ryan Castillo

Manager, SoundCloud  |  Trent Tutwiler


Developer  |  Taran Womack

Podcasts & Exclusives  |  Cris Rodriguez

 A&R / Premieres |  Trent Tutwiler

Audio Engineer  |  Thomas Algar, Colin Rogers

Graphic Designer  |  Kane Davis

Email Marketing  |  David Cohn

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