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LoopPoi – LED Flow Poi For Beginners by NeoFlow Art©


  • Handmade: High quality + high durability + high brightness
  • Long working time & easy, one-button control
  • Free shipping included. Returns/exchanges accepted!
  • Ships from Russia. Please allow half a month to a full month for shipping.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
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LoopPoi are hand made out of soft and durable polyurethane. An excellent choice for beginners as well as for kids. Due to the softness of the case, they are completely safe and do not leave bruises.
Poi have good brightness and a wide range of modes. 32 modes are divided into 4 groups, ranging from simple static colors to all kinds of overflows, strobes and rainbows. Modes are easy and simple to choose with just one button. All modes have clear, juicy and beautiful colors, created according to all the canons of color and shade compatibility! The weight is 80g, but despite this the poi are well balanced and spin very comfortable!

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Additional information


Polycarbonate, 25mm diameter


Soft Polyurethane


80g / head


7cm (2.75 inches)


8cm (3.15 inches)


31 + Demo Mode

Power supply

Lithium-Ion battery


High-speed flash memory up to 500+ modes

Charging port

MicroUSB (two cables incl.)

Charging time

~ 2 hours

Running time

up to 5 hours depending on the modes, up to 10 hours in power saving mode.


Two (2) USB cables, 100% cotton bag, English guide


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