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NeoPoi Mini 12 – LED Pixel Poi by NeoFlow Art©


  • Programmable poi for beginners with a 12 pixels resolution
  • Comfortable length, balanced weight, good dynamics, and long working time
  • Suitable for all users (total weight ~220 grams)
  • Allows performing tricks of any complexity
  • Prices vary per kit, starting at $245 for basic kits, and go up to $320 for wireless sync
  • Price also varies on handle options:
    • Double loops (starting $245 – $280)
    • Knob (starting $255 – $290)
    • LED Knob (starting $300-335)
  • Free shipping included. Returns/exchanges accepted!
  • Ships from Russia. Please allow half a month to a full month for shipping.
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This model is suitable only for simple images, ornaments, patterns, abstract designs, however, it’s easy to program simple text or numbers, for example, “2018” or “Happy New Year!”. The inscription, in this case, will look like “Tetris”. If you want a more sharply defined image, we recommend you consider buying the 22-pixel models and more.

The poi are fully programmable, you can create and upload your own images, effects, patterns, and gradients, as well as edit the sequences and timelines.

LED Knobs. Available for order as an extra feature. LED NeoKnobs have a Micro-USB charging. System of knobs including 32 mesmerizing flashing patterns. Each knob contains 3 ultra-bright LEDs.

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Additional information


Polycarbonate, 25mm diameter


12 pixels


24 in each poi head


110 grams per 1 poi head


19 cm.


1000-4540 rows/second


~70+ pictures


Lithium-Ion 1200 mAh


High-speed flash memory up to 500+ modes

Charge port

MicroUSB cable

Working time

~ up to 10 hours

Charging time

~2-3 hours


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