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Radical Ritual: How Burning Man Changed the World – By Neil Shister


“Fascinated by the history, culture, and debauchery of Burning Man? Radical Ritual will give you the juice (while explaining how it has evolved).” —Heather Hansman

Written from Neil Shister’s perspective as a journalist, student of American culture, and six–time participant in Burning Man, Radical Ritual presents the event as vitally, historically important. Shister contends that Burning Man is a significant player in the avant-garde, forging new social paradigms as liberal democracy unravels. Burning Man’s contribution to this new order is postmodern, a fusion of sixties humanism with state–of–the–art Silicon Valley wizardry.

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“Neil Shister’s book skillfully traces the evolution of Burning Man and provides rare insights into how this cultural phenomenon is changing the world.” —Michael Mikel, founding board member of the Burning Man Project

In a wonderful mix of narrative storytelling and reportage, Radical Ritual discusses how Burning Man has impacted the art world, disaster relief, urban renewal, the utilization of renewable energy, and even the corporate governance of Google. The story concludes with the sudden death in April 2018 of Larry Harvey, now renowned as the philosophical epicenter of the movement.


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Counterpoint; 1st edition (July 30, 2019)






1 pound


5.3 x 0.7 x 8 inches


Hard cover, 336 pages, English


Sociology & Religion, Spiritualism, History & Philosophy of Science


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