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Rage Nation™ Dream Awake Face Mask


  • The Rage Nation Dream Awake concept was created to inspire the world to simply live out your dreams. Life goes faster than you think, and every morning we have two choices: continue to sleep your dreams, or wake up and chase them.
  • This design is heavily influenced with Egyptian symbolism, including the Eye of Horus; a symbol of protection, wisdom, & healing. The scarab beetle, which was thought by Ancient Egyptians to push the sun across the sky, is a symbol of forward momentum; the choice of continuing along your current path or discovering a path of enlightenment and a higher calling.



  • Masks come with two replaceable filters capable of filtering particles 2.5 microns and smaller
  • These particles include: Dust/pollen/mold, viruses, smoke, air pollution
  • Provides a barrier between your face and your hands
  • Add a drop of your favorite essential oil to the filter for some soothing aromatherapy


  • ADJUSTABLE: The length of the strap is adjustable for a comfortable, custom fit.
  • AESTHETICS: Sublimated graphics, soft satin fabric.
  • CONTOURED SHAPE: Sewn to mimic the shape of your face. Pinch the top to create a seal around your nose.


  • To find your size, measure from the middle of your nose to the tip of your chin & add one inch.
  • Next, find the mask that is closest to this number:
  • Standard – 4.75 in. tall / Large – 5.25  in. tall


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  • Thanks for supporting Conscious Electronic by buying using our link!


Additional information


Hand wash after every 1-2 uses


Standard (3.75 in.), Large (5.25 in.)


Orders over $50 qualify for payment plans




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