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Rage Nation™ Golden Teachers V2 Premium Hoodie


“When we look within ourselves with psilocybin, we discover that we do not have to look outward toward the futile promise of life that circles distant stars in order to still our cosmic loneliness. We should look within; the paths of the heart lead to nearby universes full of life and affection for humanity.”  – Terence Mckenna



This artwork was a way for me to share my gratitude for planet-based entheogens that changed my life/perception of reality forever. Experiences words will never come close to describing. This work is also a tribute to one of the most intelligent minds I’ve ever had the chance to learn/read/listen to. Terence Mckenna an American ethnobotanist and mystic who advocated for the responsible use of naturally occurring psychedelics. This art is not to advocate or influence anyone to do anything. Visually expressing my experience with nature’s tools to a divine self/extraterrestrial discovery. Consume and Listen. – RAGE


  • Premium pre-shrunk cotton / spandex blend
  • Fabric was hand-selected from hundreds of swatches. It was our personal mission to find the softest hoodie fabric available.


  • The premium cotton is blended with a tiny amount of spandex. This improves the texture of the cotton and preserves the feel, dark color, and shape over time.
  • The exterior has a smooth, luxurious feel. The inside of the garment/hood is warm and has a thin micro suede feel to it. Not too heavy but not too thin. We like this because it’s a little more breathable than our other hoodies.


  • THREE POCKETS – a zipper pocket on the arm + two front pockets
  • SEVEN GRAPHICS: Digitally printed on the front, arms, hood, and back
  • ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Hidden pocket, rope strings with gold branded aglets
  • Cut & sew garment from raw fabric – no cookie-cutter blanks used here. Our sewing patterns are 100% unique.


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Additional information


Pre-shrunk cotton / spandex, interior velvet lining


Digital printing


See care guidelines in product images.


True to size. See sizing chart in product images.


Pay in 4 interest-free installments with afterpay.


Unisex; cruelty-free; hidden pocket


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