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Rage Nation™ Mind of Zen V1 – Iridescent Ink T-Shirt


“Thoughts become things – if you see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hand.”



  • This high-end fabric was hand-selected from hundreds of swatches for softness, stretch, and breathability.
  • Easy to care for – no more graying, pilling, shrinking, or any of those annoying side effects after washing.
  • Cut-and-sew garment from raw fabric. Our sewing patterns are 100% unique.


  • IRIDESCENT:  The purple prints change to blue when viewed from different angles. The inks used have a subtle metallic finish.
  • REFLECTIVE INK ACCENTS:  The grey accents within the graphic reflect in flashing light.
  • ADDITIONAL FEATURES:  Subtle drop-tail cut, and printed inner tag for comfort.


  • The premium cotton is blended with a tiny amount of spandex. This improves the texture of the cotton and preserves the feel, dark color, and shape over time.
  • Texture is soft and smooth, with a little weight and bounce to it. Wicks away moisture and sweat.


  • FRONT:  Be Love, Coexist, Resonate A greater Existence, Rage Nation, World Peace in Chinese Calligraphy
  • BACK:  “We need not think alike to love alike” / “Be peace, be love, be harmony, be compassion”
  • RIGHT/LEFT SLEEVE:  “RN” surrounded by the ancient Om, Eye of Ra/Horus, moon phases
  • PATCH:  “When you want to hate, when you want to judge, when you want to belittle, when you want to fight, when you want to be right……be love.”


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Additional information


Premium pre-shrunk cotton / spandex blend


See care guidelines.


True to size. See sizing chart.


Orders over $50 qualify for payment plans




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