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Rage Nation™ Sacred Scarab V1 – Cropped Hoodie


  • Versatile and can be worn all year round— perfect for festival nights!
  • Fabric was hand-selected from hundreds of swatches. It was our personal mission to find the softest hoodie fabric available.



  • This design is influenced by Egyptian symbolism, namingly the winged scarab deity known as Scarabaeus sacer, or the sacred scarab. The scarab beetle, which was thought by Ancient Egyptians to push the sun across the sky, is a symbol of forward momentum; the choice of continuing along your current path or discovering a path of enlightenment and a higher calling.
  • The sacred scarab was often carved into protective amulets along with geometric patterns. The Egyptians believed these powerful symbols were imbued with the creative power of the sun, blessing the wearer with the strength and vitality needed to transform their lives and find new beginnings. This ties into the rebirth of the sun each morning.
  • Graphic Elements: winged scarab logo, flower of life symbol, Unalome symbol (represents the enlightened path), Eye of Ra/Horus
  • Artwork Text: “love all, trust few, do wrong to none” // “resonate a greater existence, reclaim your mind”


  • The premium cotton is blended with a tiny amount of spandex. This improves the texture of the cotton and preserves the feel, dark color, and shape over time.
  • The exterior has a smooth, luxurious feel. The inside of the garment/hood is warm and extremely soft/fuzzy. 100% cozy vibes.
  • The fit is loose and cropped to about bellybutton height. The extra width at the hem allows air to draft upwards to prevent overheating. It pairs great with high-waisted leggings for colder days.


  • Hidden pocket – since there wasn’t room for a pocket on the front, we put a discreet one on the sleeve.
  • Graphic logos are screen-printed on the garment and strings for a bold, streetwear look. The art is simple and clean for easy styling.
  • Cut-out thumbholes – because why not?


  • This is a Rage Nation affiliate link.
  • Thanks for supporting Conscious Electronic by buying using our link!


Additional information


Premium pre-shrunk cotton / spandex blend


Cut-and-sew garment from raw fabric – no cookie-cutter blanks used here.


• Hand-wash in cold water (best) -OR- turn inside out and machine wash on cold/delicate
• Use a gentle detergent. Hang indoors or lay between two towels to dry.
• AVOID high heat from a dryer (after washing), as this may cause shrinkage.


Unisex; cruelty-free


See sizing chart in product images.


Payment plans available: Pay in 4 interest-free installments of $14.75 by afterpay.


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