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Rage Nation™ Sacred Scarab v1 – Dad Hat


  • The Rage Nation Sacred Scaram design is influenced by Egyptian symbolism, namingly the winged scarab deity known as Scarabaeus sacer, or the sacred scarab. The scarab beetle, which was thought by Ancient Egyptians to push the sun across the sky, is a symbol of forward momentum; the choice of continuing along your current path or discovering a path of enlightenment and a higher calling.
  • The sacred scarab was often carved into protective amulets along with geometric patterns. The Egyptians believed these powerful symbols were imbued with the creative power of the sun, blessing the wearer with the strength and vitality needed to transform their lives and find new beginnings. This ties into the rebirth of the sun each morning.



  • Adjustable fit using the back snap to fit your preferences.
  • Built for comfort and convenience – the body of the hat has a loose structure, making it easy to store or pack into a small bag.
  • When worn, hat will hug the shape of your head.
  • Slightly thicker (and softer) than your average dad hat, while still being super lightweight and casual.


  • Microsuede has a texture very similar to traditional suede – it’s extremely soft with a beautiful finish, resistant to stains, fading, and wrinkling. It’s also vegan!
  • Multiple techniques are used to create these elaborate works of art. Graphics are applied using a combination of embroidery, screen printing, and sublimation. The fabric is then cut, shaped, and sewn in layers to form the hat.


  • FEATURES:  Rubber logo emblem, hidden pocket, snap tag, matte black hardware
  • GRAPHIC ELEMENTS:  Winged scarab logo, flower of life symbols, Unalome symbol (represents the enlightened path)
  • INTERIOR LINING:  Fractal pattern, designed by Alex Ferraro


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  • Thanks for supporting Conscious Electronic by buying using our link!


Additional information


Microfiber suede + satin


Embroidery, screen printing, sublimation


Hand-wash in cold water and hang to dry.


18-25 inches (circumference)


Payment plans only available for orders over $50.


Unisex; vegan


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