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Rage Nation™ YIN Seek Truth Extended T-shirt


  • Design: 4 prints on front, back, and shoulders
  • Feel: Soft and smooth with some structure
  • Shape: Slightly extended length with subtle side slits



  • This concept was created to express the importance of discovering truth on your path towards higher consciousness. We live in the age of information and disinformation, and one way to lift the veil from a society that has been systematically repressed from truth is to free your mind. Perceiving the world through our third eye or “the seat of your soul,” creates an existence of clarity, acceptance, love, connection, while feeling free of negativity & judgment. We hope this message resonates with each person, and we encourage you to discover your own meaning within this concept.


  • Front Graphics: “Seek Truth Through the Eye of Wisdom”, Buddha figure with third eye, sacred geometry
  • Arm Graphics: Third eye chakra graphic, “Free your soul”
  • Back Graphics: “Free Your Mind”, Sacred Geometry RN Yin Yang


  • This is a Rage Nation affiliate link. Thanks for supporting Conscious Electronic by buying using our link!


Additional information


100% cotton


Custom cut and sew from raw fabric; Vinyl printed graphics


• Hand-wash in cold water (best) -OR- turn inside out and machine wash on cold/delicate
• Use a gentle detergent. Hang indoors or lay between two towels to dry.
• AVOID high heat from a dryer (after washing), as this may cause shrinkage.


True to size.


Payment plans available: Pay in 4 interest-free installments of $10.00 by afterpay.




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