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Sayr builds a lush downtempo dreamscape with newest LP, ‘Sudden Stops’

San Francisco-based producer Sayr has been capturing headlines under his upcoming Naux Faux side project. The joint moniker with Bassnectar is an ode to the days of warm, dreamy psychedelic downtempo that listeners can can get lost in.

Ahead of the pair’s much-anticipated release, Sayr has recently unveiled a surprise album that constructs a similar hypnotic sound design. Dubbed Sudden Stops, the entire album will take listeners on a cerebral journey of nostalgia and lucid introspection. Constructing an immersive landscape of analog synths, shimmering xylo-effects, and pulsating chords over chopped-up breaks and world elements, Sayr utilizes dream-like sequences that explore the deep depths and winding hallways of the human mind. The artist is making the bold statement that he is a modern shaman of sorts — fully equipped to conduct the ritualistic sunrise set.