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Beyond Wonderland officially announces move to The Gorge Amphitheater

Following a heated legal battle between former partners USC Events and Insomniac over misuse of funds, Paradiso subsequently headed to the festival graveyard. Without Paradiso on the summer docket, a gaping hole was left in The Gorge‘s 2020 schedule—at least as far as dance music is concerned. However, following Pasquale Rotella‘s annual State of Insomniac report, rumors began swirling that the Insomniac CEO was considering moving Beyond Wonderland to The Gorge Amphitheater this year.

Now those rumors can be officially confirmed as true following an announcement today from Insomniac: Beyond Wonderland will be filling that giant gap that USC Events’ Paradiso left behind. The originally scheduled edition of Beyond Wonderland SoCal will still be taking place at it’s normally slated dates next month. However, in an unprecedented move, Insomniac has added an additional stop for the rave-centric festival in Washington.

No official dates have been announced just yet, but we’re guessing that the festival will take place on our around the same weekend slot as Paradiso in past years. Stay tuned as for more info on Beyond Wonderland’s inaugural year at one of the world’s most storied venues.

Featured photo: OhDagYo.