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Esseks dips into realms unknown with ‘A HOLE IN THE FOURTH WALL’ EP

Liquid Stranger’s WAKAAN imprint is one label who’s leading the way to bring visibility to underground, experimental bass music. With an artist roster that boasts electronic music’s most promising up-and-coming names in bass, including Minnesota, Space Jesus, Dirt Monkey, and Freddy Todd, it’s no wonder Brooklyn-based producer, Esseks, has chosen the imprint for his newest creative project.

Esseks, real name Sam Eckstein, is a creator who goes beyond the realms of the norm with his art, pairing a fluid, experimental production style with a carefully curated vision unlike any other. Blending intricate sound design, unique samples and pulsing bass lines is what Esseks is good at, which the artist further proves in his latest EP, A HOLE IN THE FOURTH WALL.

A HOLE IN THE FOURTH WALL touches down upon a glitchy sonic landscape with seven meticulously-crafted tracks that glide effortlessly between varying genres and moods. Delving deep in to the realm of Esseks’ own creative psyche, the EP highlights elements of glitch-hop, free form bass and pure, unabashed experimentality as it builds a new atmosphere with every beat. This is one EP that is sure to appease the appetites of those who like their bass music deep, mysterious, and distinctly off-kilter.

Alongside his sonic creations, Esseks hand-paints all the artwork for his music. It’s this kind of well rounded vision that Liquid Stranger’s label has been championing from the start. One simply will not find any run-of- the-mill music producers at WAKAAN, which is why Esseks’ new EP has found its perfect home.